Garage Door Torsion Spring

We can fix any problem with your garage door torsion spring in Brampton, Ontario. Not only do we offer fast response spring repair services in the Brampton community, but also take care of issues the first time. Although snapped springs cannot really be fixed and must be replaced, our experts can service your springs to remain strong throughout their lifespan. If you need broken torsion spring replacement, you can definitely count on the quick assistance of our company. We replace springs quickly and bring the new ones when we come for the service.Garage Door Torsion Spring Brampton

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Although they are installed for the same reason, there are some differences among torsion and extension springs. Rest assured that our technicians can fix and replace both. The latter type of counterbalance springs is fitted at the two sides of the door, comes in pairs, and their coils contract and extend. Torsion springs are fitted above the door and there is a need for two springs only when the door is very wide and heavy. This type of spring stretches along the shaft, winds and unwinds, and transfers power to the cable through the drum. So when we offer torsion spring repair, we also check the center bearing plate which secures the spring and the shaft.

Our experts can replace any Brampton garage door torsion spring component should any of them are corroded or damaged. But we also respond quickly when the spring has broken. With the spring broken, the door won’t open and will most likely collapse if it is open. That’s one reason why Brampton Garage Door Repair recommends the premature replacement of the torsion spring.

In order for springs to perform at their best, balance and lift the door right, they must be properly tensed. It takes experience to adjust the spring right. If it is too tensed, the door will be lifted up and might not close well. If it is not tensed enough, it will have a hard time moving the door putting the burden to the other parts and thus causing their premature damage. For all these reasons, it is important to trust our torsion spring adjustment service regularly. Need spring service today? Call us.